Will you be the next to get fired?

Will you be the next to get fired?

Will you be the next to get fired?

Will you be the next to get fired?We live in dire times characterized by accelerated change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition. With this change comes automation and technology has taken over treasured jobs thereby pushing people into irrelevance and organizational restructuring, therefore, becomes imminent.

Can anyone be insulated from such a volatile environment? Does an elite class of employees exist that will never be affected in the face of robotic replacement and company restructuring?

The answer is YES! But the big question remains…how?

By continuously striving to offer more value than your employer pays for, When you do so, you become invisible to the storm of downsizing and restructuring.

On the contrary, you become visible to promotion and career development. How do you add value?

  1. Be enterprising and value-driven

Studies have shown that employees who are enterprising, that is, those who apply initiative to add value to their company, especially when the task in question has not been expressly stated as part of their job description, are usually held in high-esteem by their employers and experience rapid promotions and growth within their organization. This entails; seeing a problem and taking the initiative to fix it, repeatedly taking critical decisions in the absence of your direct boss that eventually produce results, etc.

  1. Understand the value of a strong network

Networking in this sense does not only entail exchanging business cards at a function, connecting with an industry leader on LinkedIn or just half-heartedly sending random New Year messages to old colleagues. Rather, you should start from within your organization by identifying the high-flyers, or as Ajibola Bamidele will call them, “The Cultured”, and building a strong relationship with them. Do not be afraid to ask questions as this will enable you gain tips and insights on what it takes to be the best in your organization.

An important component of networking is reaching out to experts within your industry, and in your career path. This affords you the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and expertise to be a formidable entity within your industry in a short period.

  1. Show dedication

Individuals who show dedication by “owning tasks” are more likely to be retained in an organization over individuals who are easily fazed by every little task outside their job description which they are given.

In situations where it seems like nothing is working, you can seek the advice of your professional network or senior colleagues and even if the assignment you are given eventually fails, you would have learnt some vital lessons and shown yourself to be resilient in the face of glaring failure.

However, make sure that you take note of your lessons learned and ensure that you do not repeat them again in future projects.

Finally, in order to be exempted from the chopping board, you must make sure that you are not the last person to find out about new developments in your industry; rather, you must stay ahead of and anticipate new trends.

Becoming a globally certified professional places you ahead of other professionals in your industry and opens up your mind to think, solve problems, and contribute to the growth of your organization with a global mindset.

Do not wait until you are faced with the possibility of forced resignation, compulsory retirement, or even outright retrenchment before you take the right decision of improving on yourself.

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