Interview tactics to get rid of in your organization

interview tactics

Interview tactics to get rid of in your organization

interview tacticsThe essence of an interview is to gather relevant information about a candidate to determine if he/she is the right fit for the role. It also affords a candidate the opportunity to gain relevant insight into your organization.

Therefore, as an employer, it is important that you ask the right questions during the interview as well as provide the correct information about your company.

The tactics you must avoid when conducting an interview are as follows:

  1. Using interview questions as a trap

Many recruiters might argue that asking tricky interview questions is a way to get deeper information about an employee which may not be easily gotten by asking direct questions. However true this may be, asking questions in order to use it against the candidate is a wrong technique.

For example, asking a candidate to give an example of a time they failed should be an avenue for the candidate to reveal his ability to own up to responsibility (no matter how unpleasant) and be able to present lessons learned from that particular experience.

  1. Providing “extra” details about the position

Obviously, an interview is the perfect time to give more details about the position and what it entails. In fact, this is especially important when a talent has been identified by the recruiter and letting go is not an option.

In cases like this, the interviewer might decide to “oversell” the position and promise incentives that do not exist in order to attract the candidate.

Applying this technique will ensure that they become disgruntled employees on their first day of work and the second day will most likely see them looking through the job boards again.

 3. Faking the company culture

Your products, services, strategies and tactics and, guess what, even that innovative idea brought to the fore by your superstar employee, is already obtainable somewhere else.

This, therefore implies that the only element of your company that can stand out is your culture.

This is why you, alongside other leaders and managers, should strive to define and uphold your company’s culture to the point that it is easily identifiable in every employee.

In this case, trying to falsify or present the company’s culture in a different light from what actually is obtainable will get you a wrong fit for you company. If you reach a point where you have to lie about your company’s culture, something is fundamentally wrong with it.

Work on defining your company’s culture and you will definitely attract the right talent that you desire.


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