The people who get the job done are the most important determining factors that decide how well a job is done. Staffing might seem very ordinary, but when you think about the fact that the quality of the employees is one way or the other equal to the quality of goods, then you will understand that much attention needs to be given to the screening and interview process to ensure that the job is done the very best way, and by the very best hands. The interview and screening process is what determines who goes and who stays so if it is done accurately, there is no way that substandard or inefficient people would get in. Much screening should be carried out on the members that will constitute the interview panel to ensure that the ones selecting the good ones have what it takes to choose wisely.

Before even going on to employing you ought to have asked yourself series of questions. The first of these questions is “what does the company need for an upgrade”. Sometimes we hire the wrong people because we start out asking the wrong questions. If you have asked yourself what the company needs, you will know where to start tackling the problem from. Sometimes you can find that the company needs to heighten the customer service protocols, you could find the leak in the marketing department, the I.T unit, or even in the PR department. When you have found out this you can go on to ask the next question,” who does the company need?”. Knowing the ‘what’ makes it very easy to figure the ‘who’, so all you have to do is set requirements and bounds for who should fit in where and make sure that only the credible ones get through. If you have answered these questions then here are a few other strategies to make sure the best hands are hired:

Ask the right questions

The type of questions that you throw might play a vital role in determining how efficient the interview session would be. If you ask questions that will make it easy for the candidate to escape the core concerns of the area in which they would function, it is more possible to hire an unsuitable person. This is why in framing interview questions; you must ensure that the questions reveal the depth of the candidate’s knowledge mostly regarding the area in which they are to work. Raise problematic questions concerning that field and make them explain to you how they would handle the challenges that may face them in that position. This will reveal their problem solving skills and also the level of professionalism and experience in that field.

Focus on potentials

The only criterion that you must consider and hold strictly onto is that the person be perfect for the job. Anything apart from that is a secondary requirement. During the interview session, you must endeavor to hire a kind of person that not only has a C.V that shows it, but also must have responded to the interview questions in a way that confirms that they are indeed capable to handle that particular position.

Consider compatibility

As irrelevant as it might seem, how good and productive a group of workers are seriously depends on the synergy they have been able to create. Therefore, you have to bear in mind as you hire anyone, the nature of your other employees and how well and easy the person will fit in with the people in that arm or department that they are to function.

Do not be scared to hire

You cannot ignore the fact that not everybody you hire eventually serves you for long. Not all affiliations you get into would yield good fruits. Many miss out on their opportunity to hire the best hands because of their fears about hiring the worst. Do not allow your comfort with the status-quo and the fear of hiring a new person with a new view shut out your opportunity to advance and improve the quality of your business production and delivery.

As we have discussed above, the success of your business is in close relation with the quality of employees. Hence, you have to take interviews and other hiring procedures as the very important business decision that they really are. You must also be calm enough to detect the personality of the person you are about to hire in the way they reply and how they compose themselves since good personality and character is also a part of what makes a good employee.

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