How to identify your leadership style

leadership style

How to identify your leadership style

leadership styleAt a point in everyone’s life, they are faced with the deep question of leadership and its facets. People want to be a part of something great by creating a unique product that will eventually change the course of its industry, dominate the markets and create an organization that will provide jobs to individuals overflowing with creativity and enthusiasm.

There are 6 fundamental leadership questions that every leader should use for self-examination regardless of career or business level. These questions will help you understand your leadership style and by so doing, aid in your success as a leader. There are as follows:

  • What is my personal definition of success?
  • How do I make a difference and create an impact?
  • How will I rally my colleagues, friends and partners to assist me in my cause?
  • How will I face problems and obstacles that will inevitably come up?
  • How will I decide if the right step to take is restructuring my plans or leaving it to withstand the odds?
  • Will I need to constantly consult a mentor or better experienced individual in the face of these issues or will I need to rely on my own knowledge and experience?

These questions have no correct answers as leaders have different leadership styles that have proven to be effective. Therefore, in order for you to become an effective leader, you have to identify the leadership style that is the best fit for you and your goals in a particular establishment.

For the purpose of this article, we have identified 4 different leadership styles from which you can identify your best fit.

  1. The profit-driven leader: as the title suggests, this leader is only interested in one thing, profitability for the company. Therefore, all decisions are driven with only one goal in mind. The only metrics that matter are costs, deals closed, losses, and profit margins which can all be measure. Other metrics like brand awareness, value to the community, customer and employee satisfaction might not really matter even though they are important. Every decision is weighed against the undeniable measurability of financial returns to the business.
  1. The value-driven leader: This leader is almost the direct opposite of the profit-driven leader in the sense that decisions are not always made with the immediate financial profitability in mind. These leaders want to build something meaningful that will ultimately be valuable and impact the community. Therefore, they may take risks that other leaders will not think about just because of its value to the company. They may also turn down opportunities that might have immediate profit value just because of its long-term consequences
  1. The solution-driven leader: This leader does not shy away from problems or difficulties but will be the first to face it head on. He/she will also depend on past experience when making a decision. They operate on the notion that past success is an indicator that a decision will bring about future impact and this might make them not so open to change or new ideas.
  2. The innovation-driven leader: This leader is most focused on finding the most innovative way to handle a situation. This is the reason that they value the input of colleagues and subordinates because they believe they can find hidden gems and untapped genius in their suggestions. They emphasize more on teamwork and do not care about being identified as the solution-providers. In fact, they are the most self-effacing of all the other types identified earlier.

Identifying the leadership style that best suits you or which you fall into will enable you to become more effective in carrying out your goals.

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