Hope you’re not close to getting fired!

Hope you’re not close to getting fired!

The seniority system that existed few years ago, thereby allowing people climb the corporate ladder through mere perception of loyalty measured through longevity and physical presence has long disappeared.

The present age which is characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous measure of loyalty shifted from longevity based to value based. Employers are now more concerned about human capital value added.

HR professionals are consistently required to measure human capital utilization factor and human capital value added, to justify the workforce role and contribution.

Sometimes, it’s good to ask ourselves a deep question “I’m I really adding value at work? If I am an employer of self, with my level of KSA (Knowledge, Skill and Ability), how much will I pay myself?”

It’s sad that the gap between school cert holders KSA and BSC holders just seized to exist. Companies are no longer looking for graduates but they are looking for people who can add a certain level of value to the organizations bottom-line.

If your role can be easily replaced then you are not safe, try to take a break, and analyse the “time to fill” of your present role, the shorter it is, the more unsafe you are.

Playing a routine based role at work i.e. a non-strategic role is a signal for what I call “role extinction” To remain safe at work you must be able to consistently justify your present Total rewards. What ROI is your presence generating for the organization?

Friends, Watch Out! Change has come. According to Gary Hamel in his book ‘the future of Management’ he said and I quote “when the change around is more than the change within you, then your end is near. It’s time to change or you will be changed!

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