World-class schools are schools that have achieved a level of excellence, stability, and wide-spread public appeal that makes them highly attractive to prospective parents and teachers. Vivian Stewart in her book, A World Class Education, looks at five countries—Singapore, Canada, Finland, China, and Australia, where students are doing significantly better on global assessments than students in the U.S. who formerly set the world standard of excellence. According to the 2006 OECD data, the United States has fallen from 1st to 10th in the proportion of young adults with a high school degree or equivalent. It’s not enough to be at the top, maintaining that position requires consistent and conscious effort. Unfortunately, Nigeria has a long way to go before we can truly say we are educating today’s children to be competitive in the knowledge economy. By many indicators, we are falling far short.

Understanding how other countries are succeeding at building and maintaining world class schools can offer insights that help us do a better job here in this part of the world. We believe Nigerian Schools have what it takes to be top in the world. However, this cannot be achieved if our standards remain the same.

We understand that being a world-class school will take time, money, talent and determination. The children and citizens of our country deserve no less than our best efforts. “Good enough” serves no one well. We must dedicate ourselves to redefining excellence in education in our own terms.The enduring physics of great schools will remain true and relevant no matter how the world changes around us. Yes, the specific application will change (the engineering), but certain immutable laws of organized human performance (the physics) will endure. The good is the enemy of the best, good newspaper might become world-class newspaper, good government agencies might become world class government agencies and good schools might become world class schools. 

In this training, the entire staff and the management will be equipped with the skills required in turning a good school into a world class school.

Whether your goal is to learn the basics of building, leading and sustaining a world class school or to equip the entire staff and the management with the skills required in turning a good school into a world class school. Certification Edge training will deliver this result.



This course is focused on Building, Leading and sustaining a world Class school is a major knowledge upgrade for School owners and Educators.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Empower principals to function as instructional leaders.
  • Align clear expectations for teachers with evaluation, professional development, and consequences.
  • Motivate and holistically support students to meet high expectations by addressing their unique needs.
  • Raise standards so they actually prepare students for success in higher institutions and careers.
  • Improve the quality of teaching in the classroom by improving the preparation, professional development, and evaluation of teachers and principals 



  • Exceptional lesson delivery
  • Activity based learning
  • Advanced class management skills
  • Understanding child psychology
  • Project based learning
  • Helping slow learners
  • Techniques for class leadership
  • Data driven teaching
  • Disciplines of effective teaching
  • Learning how students learn
  • Improving reading proficiency
  • What great teachers do differently
  • Effective parent communication


Head teachers

  • Effective teacher supervision and evaluation.
  • Handling instructional deficiency.
  • Leadership challenges for the 21st century head teacher.
  • Curriculum implementation for head teachers.
  • Elevating academic performance.
  • Instructional leadership for a school wide growth.
  • 360 leadership for result driven school heads

School directors

  • The disciplines of schools that thrive
  • Building exceptional schools
  • Extraordinary leadership
  • Realizing quantum school growth
  • Leading a world class school
  • Best practices for academic excellence
  • Closing the achievement gap for student learning
  • Running a profitable school
  • Increasing academic rigor school wide


  • Formal lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group exercises
  • Experience sharing
  • Role Playing



  • Increased success rate of students
  • Performance improvement
  • Outstanding out-performance of students in similar contexts
  • Effective and outstanding alumni’s
  • Global competitive edge
  • Production of leaders with world class qualities




This course will be particularly useful for School Owners/Proprietors, Government, Educators, Principals and Teachers who have a passion for excellence and desire the skills and competencies needed to build and sustain a world class school.


The price to the training intervention for a period of three (3) days is Eighty-five thousand naira (#85,000) per participants under the following assumptions


    • CERTIFICATION EDGE will not be responsible for the training venue and feeding of participants.
    • The class will contain a minimum of 20 participants.
    • Cost does not include VAT